• Navantia's Submarine Offer to the Philippine Navy

    The Spanish shipbuilder has offered its submarine offer for the Philippine Navy's submarine project. How will it fare compare to its competitors like France's Naval Group and South Korea's Hanwha Ocean?

  • Knowing the AW-109 Helicopter of both PAF and PN

    Both the Philippine Air Force and the Philippine Navy possess this type of helicopter that basically define as a first step towards a more capable Armed Forces, implemented during the First Horizon of the AFP Modernization Program.

  • The Phil. Army's Interest on the FGM-148 Javelin ATGM

    The Philippine Army is improving its firepower capabilities, and it witnessed the performance brought by this anti-tank missile during the Balikatan 2023 Exercises. Now they are considering it for their systems.

  • More Shaldag-class FAIC-M for the Philippine Navy?

    The Philippine Navy recently received its two Fast Attack Interdiction Craft missiles from Israel, and now desires to acquire more. This time, it will go under license and produced in the country.

  • More FA-50PH for the Philippine Air Force?

    The Fifth (5th) Fighter Wing already possess a squadron of these Korean-made Lead-In Fighter Trainers, now with plans of adding them more (at least another squadron) along the way.

  • Phil. Army's Opportunity on Japanese Attack Helos

    As the Japan Ground Self Defense Force is ditching its Attack Helicopters as a change of doctrine, what will be for the Philippine Army once it gets decommissioned and ends up for grabs?

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