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This page serves as a guide for each reader about the terms, conditions, and other necessary information on how to access the page in itself as well as the technicalities it uses for simplifying the understanding so as for the details done in each article being written.


1. This page on this website is meant for the readers to understand as to what the intentions behind its creation and the details that define it.
- This website was created to give people more understanding about defense-related issues where this serves as a platform to educate the readers about it.
- Its writer is doing its part voluntarily and pursues the best of understanding and simplification in writing the articles here so that points given will be clear as well as the whole picture projected will be understandable.
- This site policy page will be subjected to change upon the discretion of the person who operates on this website.

2. With regards to citations
- It is good to link this page as a reference, but it is better to link the citations given in the article as a reference on itself or rather as a supporting reference for this page where the whole point or message in the article is clear and credible enough to read.
- This website as well as the other pages it corresponds only gathers reference based on what it perceives as relevant and credible. Mass media outlets, defense forums, other defense websites, and other reliable sources that are related to the topic fall under this category.
- References that are posted in an article are highlighted in darker-red at this type. Moreover, there are times that the name of the sources itself or "links" as well as plain website URLs are presented in the article.

3. With regards to the given points
- Highlighted points that are emphasized by the writer in the article are highlighted in light green or lime at this type or in bold at this type.
- The contents of the article are from the collective idea of the writer and are considered as "personal viewpoints" supplanted with facts as a basis that gives relevance to such a viewpoint.
- There are times that quotations are applied on the page are applied followed by the writer's understanding of the message with several references whenever possible. 
- Technicalities are being leveled down as possible for the readers to understand.
- Also, these points serve as a basis that is intended to clarify the points as well as for the people to understand the concepts or ideas behind each written article.

4. With regards to the comments written by the reader:
- The website and the pages coincided including Social Media Pages is nonrestrictive for the people to comment on.
- Points and ideas are welcome to get posted on the website or on social media pages. Furthermore, logical viewpoints, links, photos, sensual ideas, and even arguments are encouraged in the discourse of the thread discussion.
- Comment Moderation is upon the discretion of the administrator which offensive comments are to be hidden or removed.
- Irrelevant comments are most of the time, ignored. However, the administrator exercises the right to remove them on what seems a good way to clear the thread and give way to the relevant ones.

5. With regards to enumerations, especially examples and figures:
- Weapons enumerations are highlighted in blue at this type.
- Examples are given following the logic that gives the potential to such weapons as well as the reported ones that weigh more.
- Examples given aren't necessarily the final output given where it is still up to the discretion of the planners to its determination. Hence, it is not absolute.

6. With regards to the content:
- The primary content of this page will cover only the Defense-related aspect of any discussion or anything related to it.
- Most of the defense discussion covers the Philippine-related context considering the very nature that this page was made by one of its citizens.
- Defense reports on foreign armed forces are also being discussed, although it only comes from time to time.
- (Soon) Topics about Civil Defense-related matters covering natural and man-made disasters as well as calamities will also get discussed as well considering that this still covers the context of "National Defense" aside from military, strategic, and tactical matters.

7. With regards to context:
- Things like the perspectives applied in an article are based on the experiences incurred by the author especially in terms of workplace and other relevant areas in connection to the topic or the theme of the write-up.
- Discussions on defense aren't only covering about military weaponry and issues alone. It also covers other things that correlate to it such as food security, economic variances, political status, and other matters. Take note, all of these shall be interrelated to defense issues.

**This space below will be added or omitted later upon the discretion of the site administrator**




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