AFP's Delivery of Weapons in May 2017 and More Procurement Plans

In the news that have blurted out, it seems that the Philippine Armed Forces' military procurement projects like the FA-50PH and the Tarlac-class LPDs will deliver within a month with the former being ahead of the schedule which is detrimental to the positivity of having good deals in the future.

FA-50PH dropping Mk. 82 bombs. The Philippines is the first user to use such jets in actual combat.

The Philippine Air Force is expecting to complete its delivery of 12 units (or one squadron) of FA-50PH by May, which is ahead of the schedule given by the contract of December 2017. Meanwhile, it is also expecting that the BRP Davao del Sur (LD-602) will also get delivered in the said month or earlier considering the terms of its contract which specifies the date to May 10. Speaking of which, earlier arrival of assets than what the contract really provides really help improve the overall capabilities of the whole armed forces, as well as the promising potential of having better deals of their respective manufacturers like the Korean Aerospace Industries or KAI and PT PAL Persero of Indonesia.

BRP Tarlac. Via website.

The plans as per the Philippine Navy Sail Plan, as well as the Philippine Air Force Flight plan really emphasizes the intentions of procuring more units of these said military assets considering that it will really help the AFP or the Armed Forces of the Philippines improve its capabilities in which it was part of improving territorial defense posture which helps the nation protect itself against foreign adversaries.

In such a manner, the Indonesian shipbuilder shows that aside from the two Tarlac-class Landing Platform Docks the Philippine Navy have, there is an option calling for procuring two more ships or in the Sail Plan, three LHA-class Strategic Sealift Vessels where aside from having a larger landing pad for helicopters to land, it can also be serve as an amphibious vessel with additional air cover, as well as being a hospital ship. On that case, despite having corruption issues within the Industry, PT PAL still resumes to deliver the second SSV or Tarlac-class Landing Platform Docks on time so in that such timely delivery will be an added value on the competitiveness alongside cost-effective and the quality of the vessel. 

With the South Korean aircraft manufacturer meanwhile, the Philippine Air Force calls to have around six or twelve more units which was based on plans being laid on that period where it is better to wait for the second horizon to come up which will determine the final number of the additional orders that the air force have for FA-50s. In the case of the Philippine Navy, it is deemed calling to replace the old World War 2 vessels where Landing Platform Docks are to be better amphibious as well HADR platforms where it will be better than the WW2-era Landing Ship Tank vessels that can also be subjected to decommissioning depending to the 2020 plan. 

Meanwhile, the Horizon 2 will be slated by next year where an approximate Php 100 billion or US$1.9 billion will be allocated. These in which are deemed promising, which it is the period where procurements like additional missile-armed frigates, multirole fighters and long-range patrol aircraft. And speaking of budgeting matters, one may seem that it does not satisfy the needs. More on the details coming up on the next article primarily focused on the Second Horizon soon here on Pitz Defense Analysis.

Speaking of which, the year 2017 especially on the last of the ordered batches of FA-50s and the BRP Davao del Sur (LD-602) is indeed a good thing for the armed forces where procurement plans are deemed all set for next year as the one horizon milestone closes and another opens as the new opportunities of improving the capabilities of the AFP comes by where it may help to defend the nation in minimum credible defense posture.


In such a manner, it is an imperative for the armed forces to further enhance its abilities where procuring more sophisticated weapons a key for emphasizing the stance of defending the nation. And in that case, brand new ones may take time until being delivered as stipulated in a contract. For that case, an earlier delivery of contracted military equipment is a big plus for the companies where it is deemed a pitch for a possible future sales where the benefit goes on both sides. Speaking of which, it makes things promising where reputation makes it better for deals to take place. Simply speaking, it is deemed a good thing where procurements are realized that capabilities are increased. Such is a thing for a bright future for the nation...

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