Advisory: Reasons behind Inactive PDA Facebook Page

The Pitz Defense Analysis Facebook Page from its inception is providing updates, posts, viewpoints and articles pertaining to military and defense issues.....until just recently where the page simply went inactive. One may ask: What happened? This post will provide an explanation and reasons with regards to the issue where, it will clear out the things behind the reason which, by nature, is something that we didn't want to happen in the first place.

Newer, fresh content will be provided on the presently inactive
Facebook Page once access regains.
On the Morning of March 26, 2018, having the latest update posted on the Facebook page, our devices unceremoniously malfunctioned, resulting in the deprivation of the access on the account associated to the page. This technical problem deprives us on providing updates considering that the damaged device is the only one that provides the internet connectivity between this administrator to that FB Page, leaving us with the only access to this website.

Despite all that, we still manage to access the site for several shorts period of time where updates are all provided. However, such resources available isn't sustainable enough to provide the day-to-day basis of providing information needed with regards to defense issues.

In the light of these mishaps, we are sorry for the inconveniences made from thereon considering that nature is more of an unintended scenario or we shall say " a fortuitous event". Rest assured, alternative courses of actions will be provided in order to regain control of that said page, bearing at around 11,000 likes.

For the meantime, updates regarding various defense issues will be provided through this website where more write-ups will be expected given that various relevant data resources, backed with related knowledge and the desire of educating the people are available for the purpose of giving the idea about the importance of understanding things that cover military, defense and related issues that covers about the nation's security, primarily from man-made threats and eventually from natural threats in which it will be provided sooner or later by this website.

Once access is regained, newer and more fresh content will be provided with inputs coming from other perspectives in connection to the defense issues getting a discussion. From civilian context to corporate contributions, things have gone one way over the other in terms of defending the country in the sense that it only does not cover soldiers and military armament but also the ones that contribute to the eventual success of the country.

So, for now, it might be as good to provide an interim where, as the military planners, are being considered where stepping stones are needed where getting updates still taking place, regardless to the lack on access or not. Just to take note folks, the ultimate aim to regain control on the Social Media page depends on the availability of the resources with online access, with timelines as the project will be on or before May 12, 2018.

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