Year-Ender for AFP Modernization Procurement Updates in 2018

Here is the list of milestones and procurements that is achieved during this year which is to carry on by the next year 2019. This defines the steps made by the Armed Forces as part of their efforts to have a credible deterrent force against all threats, foreign and domestic.

The following list here has provided on this page, sourced from the Concerned Philippines for AFP Modernization Facebook Group wherein they collated it from other Defense outlets like the Defense of the Republic of the Philippines and MaxDefense Philippines in which several of such projects have discussed here on Pitz Defense Analysis. Take note that several of these projects have discussed on this website.
One among multiple projects that was discussed in the year 2018 is the
ground-based air defense systems such as this RAFAEL SYPDER MR

Updated: Year ender AFP modernization acquisition updates in 2018

Philippine Air Force:

For Contract signing:
- 16 Blackhawk Combat Utility Helicopter, preferably S-70i from PZL Mielec, a Polish subsidiary of Lockheed Martin-Sikorsky. (Read the entire article here)
- 6 T129 ATAK attack Helicopter (Read the entire article here)
-3 ground-based air defense systems (SAMS), preferably SPYDER MR GBADs from Israel.

— 2 Cobra attack helicopters from Jordan (thru donation)
— 6 Super Tucano close air support aircraft from Brazil (Read the article here)
— 2 fixed wing Command and Control aircraft
— 2 radar systems from Israel (ELTA AD-STAR)
— 13 Hermes unmanned aerial vehicles from Israel
- AIM9 L/I air-to-air missiles - 2019
- Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR) to be supplied by Elbit Systems 
- SABIR ISR systems (IR & RADAR pods) for C-130T (delivered)

— Phase 1 of the Integrated Command, Control, Communications, and Cyber System will also get implemented which will connect the Presidential Situation Room, the AFP Command Center, Unified Command Operations Centers, the Air Force Command Center, the Air Force functional commands, the Wings and down to the Tactical Operations Groups.

— Two (2) C-130 cargo planes and 4 OV-10 attack aircraft from the US

— P721 million worth of engineering equipment for humanitarian assistance and disaster response (HADR) and developmental work

- They ordered Full Motion Flight Simulators from Environmental Tectonics of the US

Philippine Army:

- RPG-7(Bulgaria), additional RPG-7V from Russia 
- 2 KLTV (for evaluation only)
- Rifle Grenades(83,200 units for ITB)
- Repair & maintenance of PA Special Forces airboats
- 50,000 units of 4caliberre ARMSCOR GD pistols
- Red dot optical sighting for PA M-113s .50 calibre machine guns

Philippine Navy:

- SPIKE-ER missiles for MPAC-MK III
- DPCF upgrades (for ITB; See more details on this article here.)
- PN naming of its two new frigate from South Korea: BRP Antonio Luna class, BRP Jose Rizal class
- AW159 wildcats ( for delivery in 2019)


- 215 light utility trucks 
- C4ISTAR Upgrades
- Directional UAV Jammers / Anti-Drone Systems 

Take note that several of the projects that were listed here will get discussed here in this page somewhere on the future time which we will provide additional details about these platforms in a way that we understand more about these products and their suppliers, the deal and other relevant matters.

Let these projects pave the way for a more fruitful 2019 for us, the citizens of the Republic of the Philippines and for the Armed Forces of the Philippines on their effort to improve their capabilities, which will help deliver their mandate effectively and efficiently.

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