A Principled, Inspiring and Patriotic 2019 to All

Last year, there are many ups and downs that the key planners in the Armed Forces service faced as they are pushing on their respective projects which may bring improvement to the capabilities of the organization as a unit and also in delivering their intended duties and responsibilities as mandated by law. This is a continuation of last year's #RespectHumbleExcellentAspiring2018 aims which this, along with the greetings for a #PrincipledInspiringHealthyPatriotic2019 goes along in the aims of a better service of and for each uniformed and non-uniformed personnel working in a uniformed organization, as well as the continuous support for the AFP Modernization Efforts that aims for a credible force.


The year 2018 provides us a fruitful year especially on the efforts of the Armed Forces of the Philippines as well as other uniformed organizations like the Philippine National Police in pursuing their goals as they improve their capabilities in order to carry out their intended mandates. First, the Philippine Navy obtains a milestone for the first and second ceremonial cutting for its two Frigates which are named BRP Antonio Luna and BRP Jose Rizal that are to be delivered a year or two from now and also for the first test-fire of the SPIKE-ER aboard the MPAC Mk.3s, a first for the fleet to obtain missile munitions which push the organization back to the missile age.

Then there is the Philippine Army, in particular, its Mechanized Infantry Division which in itself aspires to have a dedicated light tank for its own use. So far, such a project is at its planning stage where there are minimal updates so as to its movements. Nevertheless, it does not mean that there are no things that happened behind the spotlight. Perhaps such information may be provided later on. The Philippine Air Force obtains a significant milestone as its Technical Working Group chooses the TAI T-129 ATAK Combat Attack Helicopter and the S-70i Black Hawk as its Attack Helicopter and Combat Utility Helicopter, respectively. Shall there are no changes that may happen within this year, the deal will be locked through contract signing wherein obtaining these platforms define the capability of PAF for the years to come.

 As for the citizenry, the pursuance of getting up duties and responsibilities to serve the country in each and every way will become more significant as the introduction of these weapons platform and the recruitment of aspiring applicants for the uniformed service become usual in the way that to those who draft or apply, it may mean a significant change in their lives. Likewise, the civilian workers of the service, especially in the government, contribute in the same way as the uniformed workers where like a mechanism in a system, a functioning component may define the success of the organization in its operations.

The year 2019 serves as a reminder that this is the second year since the Second Horizon Phase of the Revised AFP Modernization Program is on the roll. The projects programmed under this horizon is either on the planning stage or its budget already allotted varying on its source of income like the Annual GAA or the BCDA remittances with some closing into the signing of contracts. There goes with hopes and dreams that these projects will prosper on their own worth in a way that all that is involve help provide what is the best for the interest of the Filipino people as a whole.

Once again, in a usual message just like the New Year that was done exactly a year ago as well as from two years ago that this year will provide us the best not only to the country or in an organization but also to each citizen like ourselves as an individual that we are to aspire and work on, with the principled mindset that we work and contribute, based on our respective roles and skills obtained, for the betterment of the country, the society and the development of the Armed Forces as a whole. Let the year 2019 be a Principled, Servicing, Healthy, Loving, and Patriotic year to each and every one of us.

From us here in Pitz Defense Analysis, Have an inspiring, prosperous 2019 to one and all!
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