An Inspiring and Aspiring 2018 to All

This is a message from Pitz Defense Analysis for a promising #RespectHumbleExcellentAspiring2018 to all of our readers across the country and the rest of the globe.


The year 2017 brought us the excellence, hopes, and dreams where it gives us the positivity to move forward as well as to keep on educating the people with regards to defense-related issues and events as well as on technicalities that it emphasizes upon for the reader to understand.

But this year is also a bit challenging considering that this page also comes with opposition from several detractors saying that we are only re-stating points without any deep insights. Nevertheless, those things are learned upon and are the driving force that is a necessity where civilian-based viewpoints supplanted with sources are provided thoroughly where points are given.

Nevertheless, it is we the citizens of the nation that obtains the power to do change for the better in which it can attain by starting to change over the self. Also with that, we are doing our roles as well as our jobs altogether with the main purpose of helping the self, the family, the community, and the nation. Add to that the pursuance of careers is a catalyst for nation-building that coincides growth not only for the economy but also to the Armed Forces where soldiers, accountants, pharmacists, doctors, engineers, and others work hand in hand regardless of being in the Government or in Private Sector.

Aside from that, let us reminisce about the fact that 2018 also means the start of Horizon 2 which embodies the bulk of the AFP Modernization Program. It is on our viewpoint an interesting horizon to witness considering that it obtains the number of interesting projects at sight like the procurement of Multi-role fighter jets for the Air Force, Brand New Corvettes for the Navy, Light Tanks for the Army, among others.

Once again, we are once again hoping and dreaming just like we do for 2017 that it will bring the best in us or rather, better than what it was for what the year 2017 brought upon. Let there be a fruitful, prosperous, inspiring, and promising year ahead as well as Respectable, Humble, Excellent and Aspiring 2018 to one and all where hopes and dreams are to attain with sacrifice, discipline, better opportunities, and proper priorities in mind in which the whole nation benefits.

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From us here in Pitz Defense Analysis, Have an inspiring, prosperous 2018 to one and all!
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